Concrete Mold Instructions

 Step-by-Step Instructions explained in video.

Items needed:
- AUTUMN Concrete Mold
- Concrete mix
- Mixing bucket
- Hoe for mixing or small trowel
- Water
- Lubricant (silicon mold release, cooking spray, or motor oil)

Prepare your mold: Prepare the molds using a lubricant or a mold release. This helps in removing the finished piece from the mold and extends the life of your molds.
Mixing: Mix the concrete according to the directions on the bag. Add a little water at a time to achieve the right consistency so it is not too runny. We recommend mortar mix, it doesn't contain gravel and easier to work with. Any cement mix will work. Fast setting concrete (like Rapid Set) is great to use, it can speed up the process (couple of hours from pouring to stone).

Ready to make your stepping stone or garden statue? Let's do this!

Cement mix recommendations:

Any mix works fine. We use:

60 lbs. 24/6 Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

55 lbs. Cement All Multi-Purpose Construction Material - sets in 1-2 hours

Concrete reinforcement:

Anti-Crak Concrete Fibers

Clamps for sphere molds:

Spring clamps

How to clean the molds?

Water and soap, if hard to clean use Muriatic Acid

Concrete Acid Staining

New Heavy-Duty Flagstone Molds